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We produce vegetables with the highest quality, improving day by day, meeting food and safety standards and exceeding customer expectations.


Hoartícola Cimarrón initiates production in the 2007-2008 crop season in High Tech Hydroponics Greenhouses.


The project begins at an early stage with 10 hectares in 2007-2008, increasing its production area to 20 hectares in the 2008-2009 cycle and will begin construction of 10 hectares more for the 2010-2011 cycle, with a production plan of 50 hectares for the year 2013-2014.


Hortícola Cimarrón Complex will become the leading production and distribution center in San Luis Potosi and Mexico with world-class quality produce for export to the United States and Canada, exporting 95% of its total production abroad.


Hortícola Cimarrón currently produces Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Pepper and has planned a future incursion in Tomato and various specialty products.

Hortícola Cimarrón Complex is an environmentally friendly ecological project, promoting the rational use of water. Consume 65% less water than outdoor agricultural production.


At this time, it provides employment to 400 direct employees, with a projection of growth in three years to approximately 650 direct jobs.


This private investment project is the most important in hydroponic farming in the Midwest and has triggered a new path of progress in the marketing, production and employment generation marks of the country's agriculture.




To be the leader in Production and Marketing in Mexico of greenhouse grown produce based on human capital and high technology.



Production and marketing of produce in high technology greenhouse meeting the expectations of our customers with the highest quality standards and productivity.




Being respectful and honest to all and above all, speaking and acting always with the truth.

Being faithful with one’s committment even in changing circumstances.

Achieving our goals together, sharing experiences, skills, attitudes and knowledge towards a common goal.

Influence, lead and motivate towards the achievement of expected results.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Meet the requirements.